A New Chapter Begins: Maggie Williams Joins NBC Custom and Marine

In the vibrant hunting community of Hartselle and its surrounding areas, a fresh breeze of excitement is blowing through NBC Custom & Marine. We're thrilled to announce that Maggie Williams, a prominent hunting influencer and a name that resonates throughout the social media realm of hunting, has recently become a cherished member of our NBC family. But that's not all – Maggie's experience with our custom reaper and her love for Sirius Lighting have us all eagerly anticipating the upcoming season.


A Confluence of Passion & Craftsmanship

At NBC Custom and Marine, we're more than a boat company; we're a community of passionate boat designers, builders, duck hunters, and fishermen. Maggie Williams' decision to join us is a testament to the confluence of passion and craftsmanship that defines our brand.


Shining Bright with Sirius Lighting

Maggie's appreciation for Sirius Lighting underscores our dedication to innovation and enhancing the hunting experience. Boat navigation lights play a crucial role in safety and visibility, and our Sirius Lighting not only meets those needs but exceeds them.


Embracing Change, Embracing Excellence

Maggie Williams' journey to NBC Custom & Marine symbolizes the spirit of embracing change and striving for excellence. Her decision to join us is not just about a partnership; it's about a shared vision for creating unforgettable moments on the water.


A Future Full of Promise

Maggie Williams' presence at NBC Customs and Marine marks the beginning of an exciting chapter. As we navigate the waters of innovation and community, we're invigorated by the promise of what's to come.

The addition of Maggie Williams to the NBC Custom & Marine family is a celebration of shared values, unyielding passion, and a commitment to excellence. As the upcoming season beckons, we're inspired by Maggie's enthusiasm and ready to embark on new adventures together.

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