Hydro-Turf Boat Flooring: The Ultimate Upgrade for Your Vessel

Hydro-Turf Boat Flooring

The Ultimate Upgrade for Your Vessel

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Welcome to the world of Hydro-Turf Boat Flooring, where innovation meets performance to provide an exceptional boating experience.

Whether you are a professional mariner or a weekend enthusiast, Hydro-Turf offers the perfect blend of style, durability, comfort, and safety. Let’s explore why Hydro-Turf Boat Flooring is the ideal choice for your boat.

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Hydro-Turf Boat Flooring is renowned for its sleek, modern look that instantly enhances the aesthetics of any boat. The clean lines and professional finish add a touch of sophistication, making your vessel stand out on the water. Beyond aesthetics, Hydro-Turf is designed to complement a wide range of boat types, from fishing boats and yachts to personal watercraft.



Built to withstand the harsh marine environment, Hydro-Turf Boat Flooring is engineered from high-quality, closed-cell EVA foam. This material is resistant to:

  • UV Rays: Ensures the flooring does not fade or deteriorate under the sun.

  • Saltwater: Prevents corrosion and damage commonly caused by saltwater exposure.

  • Mold and Mildew: Reduces the risk of fungal growth, keeping your boat clean and hygienic.

The durability of Hydro-Turf means it can handle heavy foot traffic, gear, and the wear and tear of outdoor elements, ensuring your flooring remains in top condition for years.


Benefits of Custom Installations

  • Tailored Fit: With a professional, custom hydro turf installation, you can be confident that your hydro turf will be tailored to perfectly fit your watercraft.

  • Expert Installation: We ensure that your hydro turf is installed correctly, safely, and efficiently, allowing you to get back on the water as quickly as possible.

  • Meticulous Attention to Detail: Our team pays close attention to every detail of your hydro turf installation, resulting in a flawless finished product that looks and performs perfectly.



One of the standout features of Hydro-Turf Boat Flooring is its exceptional comfort. The cushioned EVA foam provides a soft, supportive surface that reduces fatigue, making it ideal for long days on the water. This comfort factor is particularly beneficial for:

  • Fishing Trips: Spend hours casting without discomfort.
  • Water Sports: Enjoy activities like wakeboarding and tubing with a softer landing.
  • Leisure Cruises: Relax and enjoy the ride with a comfortable underfoot experience


Safety is paramount in any marine environment, and Hydro-Turf excels in this area. Its non-slip surface ensures secure footing even when wet, reducing the risk of slips and falls. Key safety features include:

  • Textured Surface: Provides excellent grip and traction.

  • Shock Absorption: Minimizes impact from rough seas or accidental falls.

  • Heat Reduction: Keeps the surface cooler under direct sunlight, preventing burns and discomfort.

These safety aspects make Hydro-Turf a smart choice for families and active boaters alike.


Colors Available

Hydro-Turf understands the importance of personalization, offering a wide variety of colors and patterns to match your boat's aesthetic. Available colors include:

  • Black

  • Gray

  • White

  • Blue

  • Red

  • Green

  • Teak (Brown)

  • Camouflage

  • Custom Patterns and Logos

This extensive color palette allows you to customize your boat flooring to reflect your style and preferences, ensuring a unique and personalized touch.

Why Choose Hydro-Turf Boat Flooring?

Hydro-Turf Boat Flooring is the ultimate upgrade for any boat owner looking to enhance their vessel’s appeal, durability, comfort, and safety. With its robust construction, stylish design, and wide range of colors, Hydro-Turf stands out as a top choice in marine flooring solutions.

Upgrade your boat today with Hydro-Turf and experience the difference in quality and performance. For more information or to find a dealer near you, visit our website or contact us directly.

Hydro turf for boats is an excellent upgrade that can enhance your hunting or fishing experience. With NBC Customs & Marine's professional installation services or self-installation options, the choice is yours. Contact us today to learn more or schedule your hydro turf installation.

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