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About Hydro Turf and How We Install It

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Boats have always been a popular vehicle for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy fishing and hunting. However, these rough activities can take a toll on a boat's surfaces, and protecting them is vital for maximizing the lifespan of your watercraft. That's why hydro turf for boats has become a popular and practical solution for boat owners who want to safeguard their boats while enjoying their favorite hobbies. Contact NBC Customs & Marine in Alabama to get started on your hydro turf solution!

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About Hydro-Turf

Hydro turf is a durable and water-resistant material made of high-quality foam and finished with a traction-based fabric surface. Hydro turf is designed to provide slip-resistant surfaces and outstanding endurance in extreme conditions, protecting your boat's surfaces from abrasion and wear.

Hydro turf comes in various colors and designs to cater to the specific preferences of boat owners. It's perfect for covering the floors, decks, and seating areas of boats, providing a comfortable and cushioned texture that is gentle on your feet and joints.


Benefits of Turf Installations in Your Boat

Turf installations offer numerous benefits for boat owners, especially for those who enjoy fishing and hunting. Here are some of the advantages of installing hydro turf for boats:

  • Protection: Turf installations provide a protective layer that prevents physical damage and wear on your boat's surfaces, prolonging the life of your watercraft.

  • Safety: The slip-resistant surface of hydro turf enhances safety while on board your boat. It reduces the risk of accidents caused by slipping and sliding while operating your boat or performing activities like fishing or hunting.

  • Comfort: Hydro turf provides a cushioning effect that makes it more comfortable to stand and walk on your boat's surfaces, reducing fatigue and strain during long hours on the water.

How to Install Turf

Installing hydro turf on your boat's surfaces is a straightforward process that requires some preparation and attention to detail. Here are the general steps for installing hydro turf:


Step 1

Clean your boat's surfaces thoroughly to remove any debris, dirt, or grease.


Step 2

Measure the areas you want to cover with hydro turf, and then cut the turf accordingly. Pay attention to the shape and contours of your boat to ensure a proper fit.


Step 3

Apply a marine adhesive to the surface you want to cover, and then carefully apply the hydro turf, starting from one edge and smoothing it out as you go.


Step 4

Allow the adhesive to dry completely before using your boat to ensure a strong and long-lasting installation.


Why Choose NBC Customs & Marine

If you're looking for custom hydro turf solutions for your hunting boats or fishing boats, NBC Customs & Marine is the ideal choice for you. Our team of experienced engineers and craftsmen will work with you to design and install hydro turf that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Here are some reasons why you should choose NBC Customs & Marine for your turf installations:

  • Knowledge: Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in hydro turf installations, allowing us to provide expert advice and guidance on the best solutions for your boat.

  • Quality: We use only high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship to ensure the finished product is of the highest quality and durability.

  • Customization: We understand that every boat owner has unique needs and preferences. That's why we offer fully customized hydro turf design and installation to ensure a perfect fit for you.

Turf installations have become an essential aspect of boat maintenance for fishing and hunting enthusiasts. By choosing NBC Customs & Marine, you can experience the benefits of custom hydro turf installations that cater to your individual needs and preferences. Contact us today to learn more about our hydro turf solutions for boats and take the first step toward protecting your boat and enhancing your outdoor experiences.

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